DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite: admire universe’s intensity on your wrist

Swiss watchmaker De Bethune reveals a unique piece, a dreamy one, produced at only one watch. This rarity can be explained by the fact that DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite is, as it name indicates, built from a true fragment of the universe.

Head full of stars

To build DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite, the manufacturer has picked a true meteorite, found five thousands years ago in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. This is a far most precious material than all diamonds and gold in the world.

In order to give birth to the star again, the watchmaker has built DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite like a true constellation, in a stunning blue color. Then the watch can be considered as one of the most beautiful watch in the world, whose beauty can’t be described with simple words.

Grey gold stars are shining on a titanium blue dial that appears brightest thanks to a secret process. This deep blue that dresses DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite is full of indescribable tones that make this miniature universe shining.

Put the universe in a box

DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite’s universe in locked in a case with 18 Karats rose gold back, and protected by a sapphire glass. This one measures 30mm diameter.

DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite’s movement is a hand-wound automatic tourbillon whose power reserve can lasts 5 days, with 18 karats rose gold protection, decorated with grade 5 titanium pearled by De Bethune. There are a total of 276 components all allowing this constellation to work, and the time to run.

DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite’s tourbillon can produced 36 000 round-trip per hour, and it allows the hand-polished rose gold hands to turn. Then, the constellation is delicately fixed on ultra-light alligator leather strap, adorned with polished and blued titanium grade 5 buckle.

It should be difficult for the watchmaker to leave this unique piece to another owner, and this one must spend 227.940$ to buy it! But what represents this amount of money in comparison to our universe immensity?

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Discover DB28 Tourbillon Meteorite

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