MB and F launches the HMX: The “supercar” Horological Machine

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, MB&F the first ever horological concept laboratory launches the HMX Horological Machine (X stands for the number 10). Unconventional and revolutionary, this limited edition was created to offer the public a bold and powerful version at an unprecedented price.

HMX, a supercar for the wrist

More than a simple watch, the automobile-inspired HMX Horological Machine reveals unreleased distinctive finish and characteristics.

Let’s begin with the bi-directional jumping hours and trailing minutes displayed in an unusual area. Indeed, you don’t have to turn your wrist (or let go of your wheel) to tell the time. The numerals are reflected 90° by two sapphire, and “projected” onto the front vertical display.

Light streaming through the transparent engine illuminates the driving and facilitates the readability of the hour. Two “rocker covers” remaining once again the supercar type, feature perfectly functional oil filler caps.

The HMX Horological Machine is equipped with and automatic winding mechanical movement and is “fuelled” by the 22K gold rotor visible through the display.

Finally, the HMX four colours have been carefully selected to remain motor racing colours: red, black green and blue.

MB&F’s gift to the collectors

With the aim of going against the tide, the HMX Horological Machine goes against the usually anniversary pieces that are mostly ultra-expensive. This three-dimensional kinetic machine is the most affordable ever made. Maximilian Büsser – founder of MB&F- way to say thank you to the collector.

However, its affordable price doesn’t prevent the HMX Horological Machine to show incredible finish and details. The sapphire that requires meticulous work needed a longer development in order to achieve a perfect result in terms of optical precision.

The HMX, which was extremely difficult to create, is nonetheless robust, design but also perfect regarding to its weight: not too heavy, but not too light either thanks to the steel and titanium that it is made of.

This HMX Horological Machine is a limited edition of 4 x 20 pieces, so collectors, to your engines!

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Discover the HMX Horological Machine

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