Urwerk UR-T8: ultra technological watch that doesn’t look like a watch

Urwerk is a young watch-making house built in 1997 but that has already surprised the whole world with its original creations and technological prowess. So to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the house true to itself and astonishes once more with the watch UR-T8.

What is it on your wrist?

That is the question you should expect when wearing an Urwerk UR-T8 watch. Indeed, with its original design, the watch doesn’t look like a watch at all and immediately catches the curious’ eyes. With this stunning watch you will stand out and surprise as well.

Urwerk UR-T8 watch is able to “transform” thanks to a simple pressure that unlocks the case affixed on the support. Then the gear’s ballet begins and the case rotates, turns itself and then comes back to its anchoring point. The mystery remains total thanks to a titanium shield with unparalleled design that makes impossible to know that it is a watch with unique style.

If you push the button once more on Urwerk UR-T8 watch, the mechanism then appears and if it is vertically lifted and swung at 180° finally reveals what it has been made for: the passage of time.

Surprising carrousel

Once again, when the shield is aside, Urwerk UR-T8 watch surprises us with the hours display. 12 indexes are divided in four groups that scroll on a minute rail, allowing reading time analogically and numerically. All of that thanks to a carrousel technology, mounted on a mega-carrousel.

Urwerk UR-T8 watch’s components are rubies but also wheels and gears that are incredibly synchronized which operation is ensured by a turbine concerning automatic winding. Then the watch is indulging all our visual and tactile senses and the watch is immediately recognizable.

The house’s signature is the satellite hour indication which is also represented on Urwerk UR-T8 watch. Moreover, the watch possesses an impressive 50-hours power reserve to never let you down.

First the watch will be produced at 60 unique models whether in natural titanium or black PVD coating.

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Discover the incredible UR-T8

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