Tag Heuer Connected: the perfect gift in pink gold that you should offer for Christmas!

As each year, you are searching desperately for the perfect gift that will please your partner no matter what. This year, The Milliardaire has decided to help you introducing the new Tag Heuer Connected, a Swiss smartwatch in pink gold 18K!

Fine Watchmaking and high technology

Tag Heuer Connected is the perfect mix between Swiss fine watchmaking and modern and connected intelligence. Indeed, the manufacture works on unique pieces design for 150 years now that always appears to be distinguished and elegant sport watches. So to enter smartwatches era, the Swiss brand associated with Intel and Google to manufacture this little wonder of technologies.

Then Tag Heuer Connected will accompany you everywhere and will never let you fall during the day. So it will help you live, move and connect with your environment in an autonomous and intelligent way. Among its functions, you will find audio streaming, Bluetooth, wi-fi as well as the last Android Wear operating system.

Finally, Tag Heuer Connected and its last generation of lithium battery can last all day long without being charged. With 4GB of memory, you can communicate with the microphone and the Google Voice Control function, or you can interact thanks to the touchscreen in sapphire glass. Also water-resistant, Tag Heuer Connected watch can be recharged quickly and simply with the contact charger: you just have to put your watch on it and the trick is done!

The ideal gift

If in spite of all these arguments you still wonder if Tag Heuer Connected will please your close relatives for Christmas, you should know that the watch comes with a two-years warranty.

With the Tag Heuer Connected warranty you can exchange the watch at any time for a more classical and mechanical model with a Swiss movement inside, still made with pink gold 18k. Then, at the end of the warranty, you can also change your smartwatch and choose a Carrera Calibre 5 mechanical watch Swiss Made, also made with Grade 5 Titanium.

So if you want to be sure to hit your target and excel on Christmas celebration, you should quickly go to Tag Heuer and buy one of their sublime Tag Heuer Connected for the amount of 9.900$!

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