Hublot celebrates the 10th anniversary of its All Black watch with the Big Bang Unico Sapphire

10 years ago, Hublot revealed the All Black concept that became a true “must-have” in terms of timepieces. Playing with the visible and invisible world, this new Big Bang Unico sapphire version reveals a new type of all black vision.

When invisible becomes visible

It is well-known that black is a lack of colour or, more precisely a disappearance of the light, or an absorption. But the watch Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black doesn’t absorb the light, but lets the light pass through it.

Since ten years and the launch of the All Black collections, Hublot has fulfilled its mission to make the invisible visible while offering unparalleled aesthetic and iconic identity to its watches. But if the time is invisible, the movement indeed is perfectly visible, and reveals all the construction and the movement of the Big Bang Unico.

Hublot defies even more the impossible with this sublime version of the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black, the one that succeeds to the recent Big Bang Unico Sapphire, but this time all dressed in black. But this version is even more unique as it was carved into sapphire blocs.

The amazing purity of the sapphire

When it is sublimed by the black as in the watch Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black, the sapphire can reveal all its transparency. It is a complex material that reveals all its beauty thanks to Hublot craftsmanship, mastering perfectly its purity and high resistance to scratches.

The very complex sapphire was sculpted into the Big Bang case, revealing all the skeleton work and the watch’s movement. Then the famous All Black and the transparency extend to the bracelet.

The remarkable Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black will only be limited to 500 unique copies, but with a more attractive price than the other manufacturer because it will only cost 60 000 euros, while the other sapphire watches cost many millions on the watch market.

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Discover the Big Bang Unico Sapphire

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