Hysek astonishes us with its greatest superlative complication: the sublime Colossal

Even watch lovers won’t even dream of such a machine, made with thousands of components fully visible through the case and revealing multiple watchmaking revolutions. However, it is what Hysek manufacture offers us with its Grande Complication Colossal.

8 revolutionary pieces

if Grande Complication Colossal is only limited to eight unique pieces, it is because this watch is truly extraordinary. After more than three years of research and many patent applications, the watch’s 1000 components are finally assembled to reveal exceptional complexity.

Grande Complication Colossal contains Hysek’s three favourite concepts: jumping Hours, Jumping Perpetual Calendar and Three Dimensional Moon Phases. Three complex movements, and especially these one because they form a linear vertical display! This made Grande Complication Colossal one of the most complex watch ever realised.

Midnight’s magic

But how can it show the perfect midnight, precisely the “00:00”, on a vertical and flat Hour and Minute display, composed of different rollers? Indeed, while turning, the number following “3” is logically “4”. So Hysek has had to find a new system to display 00:00 on Grande Complication Colossal instead of 24:00 then 25:00 etc…and to stop the rollers’ movement.

To do that, the manufacture has found a unique and exclusive system. Indeed, on Grande Complication Colossal, the number “3” for the hours can moves backward only few seconds before midnight to reach the “9” for a short time, before jumping to “0” at the same time as the three other rollers. Then such a marvellous ballet appears under our eyes and everything finds its place in complete unison.

The other complexities

The other great innovation with Grande Complication Colossal consists in its fix Moon Phase, anchored in a rotating cupola. The central moon stay fixed, while the dotted cupola unveils the Moon Phases imitating its changes, making 360° rotation within 29.5 days, so it is as precise as actual lunar cycle!

Then Grande Complication Colossal also displays dual time zone, power reserve and seasonal day-night indicator, all in intense black concerning usual hour complications, while the other are rhodium-plated.

The 42h power-reserve on Grande Complication Colossal as well as the seasonal indicator is visible on the watch’s sides through sapphire glass. Hysek also chose another fine material for the watch assembly: platinum. It was used for the winding mechanism’s micro-rotor, because it is rare and comfortable.

Grande Complication Colossal was created to celebrate Hysek’s 20th anniversary. And this house never stops surprising us since 2007. But it remains a 700.000$ birthday gift!

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Discover Hysek’s Colossal

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