Louis Moinet touches the stars to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the chronograph with Memoris

Already 200 years that Louis Moinet has invented the first chronograph in 1816. A special date in watchmaking industry that had to be celebrated with great fanfare. That is why the watchmaker has designed a limited edition both chimeric and sparkling: the Memoris 200th Anniversary.

Make your wrist shine

Memoris 200th Anniversary is absolutely stunning and reveals watchmaking technics never used before. To resume, the dial is made with enamel for the first time, the back features a realistic constellation of stars and both flange and counter bridge are perfectly translucent.

To realize Memoris 200th Anniversary starry background in such a realistic way, the watchmaker used a unique fixed graver process. Thanks to a handled graver exclusively made for the watch, the material is removed according to different depths and makes each star unique. Each one of them catches the light in its own manner on a translucent dark blue background. Then, the watch Memoris 200th Anniversary naturally shines on your wrist, like real stars.

What also helps such a dreamlike rendering are the flange and counter bridge made in a new material that appears to be perfectly translucent, only known by Louis Moinet. Thanks to this secret component, the Memoris 200th Anniversary remains more than resistant and absolutely homogeneous. Then, the night blue sky reveals itself, enhanced by vivid and dazzling stars.

Only 20 copies

Made in 18 karats white gold, Louis Moinet has only created 20 watches. Then each Memoris 200th Anniversary will be delivered in a special bookcase Louis Moinet.

Memoris 200th Anniversary’s case is in 46-mm rose gold, and you can observe Louis Moinet’s signature on the flanks. As for the movement, it is entirely visible as soon as you actuate the push button. So these watches aren’t simple skeletons nor chronographs but 20 pieces of exception that will transport you directly in the dead of the night.

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Discover the Memoris 200th Anniversary

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