Montblanc Collection Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama

The pioneering spirit of the Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret honours the legacy of one of history’s greatest explorers. Now their voyage into uncharted territories of the watchmaking world continues with the Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama, a timepiece with the unprecedented combination of a cylindrical tourbillon and unique triple time zone indication.

Strictly limited to eighteen pieces, the Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama is a revolutionary wristwatch that pushes the boundaries of fine watchmaking with the utmost performance and spectacular artisanal beauty.

A Voyage into Unchartered Territories of the Watchmaking World

For many years, Montblanc and its Manufacture in Villeret have presented unique timepieces that express the comprehensive skills of the artisans at this time-honoured Manufacture.

Now the developers and watchmakers have once again employed all their expertise to create a wristwatch that is quite literally the ticking “flagship” of the new Montblanc Vasco da Gama watch collection. It was Vasco da Gama’s urge to discover new worlds and his unwavering courage that inspired Montblanc and spurred the Manufacture’s watchmakers to achieve superlative horological feats.

Far more than merely a complicated wristwatch, the Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama also performs an unconventional horological performance.

The 47-mm-diameter case surrounds a three-dimensional dial that positively invites admiring scrutiny.

The 281 components that comprise hand-wound tourbillon Calibre MB M68.40 support numerous functions in an unprecedented combination: a triple time zone with local time is displayed in the form of hours and minutes; the continually running and independently adjustable display for the home time is presented on a three-dimensional twelve-hour compass rose at “6 o’clock”; and a pair of globes depict the World´s 24 time zones in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, along with the passage of the days and nights.

Engraving and miniature painting on these two halved balls indicate in relief the outlines of the continents, their borders and the oceans that separate them. The passage of time accordingly becomes an impressive and daily recurring spectacle on the wearer’s wrist and recalls the sea route through the Earth’s two hemispheres that Vasco da Gama sailed in 1497.

Finally, Montblanc’s 16.-line Calibre MB M68.40 is embedded in a 47-mm-diameter and 15.38-mm-height red gold case.

The wristband is made of alligator-skin on both sides and is affixed between two pairs of rounded, elaborately hand-polished horns. The names of 24 cities in the Northern Hemisphere and another two dozen metropolises in the Southern Hemisphere are engraved along with the matching time zones on the back of the case.

The limitation numbers from “01/18” to “18/18”, the serial number and the reference numbers are engraved on the sapphire crystal in the back of the case.

Strictly limited to eighteen pieces, the Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama costs 250 000 Euros and is the perfect timepiece for discerning travelers.

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