Ralf Tech associates to Colette to create a unique piece called « Pirate Soul x Black Diamond »

If you are fond of rare pieces, or outright unique you should read this article and open your eyes! The horological French-Swiss brand Ralf Tech associated itself to Colette to create one single black diamond watch: WRX Black Diamond!

Imagine your life in black!

Designed for adventurers, and people who love unique timepieces as well as all reckless privateers, WRX Black Diamond is absolutely stunning, as the origins of the word “Pirates” indicate.

WRX Black Diamond is the first all black piece designed by Ralf Tech but remains fully luminous. Thanks to its 104 black diamonds that arise the watch’s crown, this one appears to be pure and intense. Each diamond has been carefully controlled, crimped and is warranted by Parisian house Capet, an undeniable guarantee of quality.

But if this unique models reminds you of another one, it is because WRX Black Diamond is also the fifth piece from WRX “Pirate Soul” collection from Colette. There, at Saint Honoré Street in Paris, you can find this rare and sublime piece, and even ask for the watch to be personalized and engraved on the bottom with all you own envies and ideas…even the black ones!

Ralf Tech expertise

Beside its refined and modern aestheticism, WRX Black Diamond is as powerful as all Ralf Tech models. The watch is equipped with a hybrid movement and an exclusive self-winding quartz system. It is truly a first-choice piece!

Among all WRX Black Diamond’s prowess you can also find a high-speed rotor, 150 days of power reserve and 500m sealing. There is also a grey phantom dial, a curved sapphire glass bezel as well as a threaded bottom ready to be engraved!

Then, WRX Black Diamond comes with two straps: the first one is in mat-finished alligator and the second in black silicone. In other words, it always procures an audacious style!

This unique piece is available at Colette’s and ready to board your wrist for the amount of 18.000 euros!

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Discover Pirate Soul x Black Diamond watch!

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