URWERK presents the UR-105 TA: the “URWERK Knight”

URWERK unveiled the UR-105 TA a.k.a. the “URWERK Knight“, a real watchmaker’s watch that explodes with creativity with a palette of zesty colors thanks to URWERK’s unconventional chief designer Martin Frei.

Precision and refinement

The UR-105 TA revisits URWERK‘s iconic satellite indication, which has been an emblematic and instantly recognizable signature element of the brand for 18 years. Four satellites, each bearing three hour numerals, successively reveal themselves from under a sublime guilloche black cover in PEEK (polyetheretherketone) as they parade past the minute rail to display the time.

Everything exudes precision and refinement, from the carrousel chassis to the dial, from the touches that are invisible to those on full display through the large sapphire crystal.

The UR-105 TA also embodies all the years of research invested into URWERK’s wandering hour satellites. Here, the ingenuity of this mechanism lies in the invisible carousel responsible for the operation of the satellite hours. The carousel operates precisely, silently, subtly and in harmony with the rest of the timepiece.

The “TA” of the UR-105 TA stands for “Turbine Automatic”. That is because the movement’s automatic winding is optimally regulated by dual air turbines on full show on the back. These turbines are bead-blasted, satin-finished and treated with black PVD for perfect aesthetics. The winding mode is selected by a small lever.

In the “FULL” position, only the slightest movement is needed to wind up the mainspring. “RED.” (for “REDUCED”) moderates the winding so as to minimize excessive tension on the mainspring. On “STOP” mode, the winding system is disabled and the UR-105 TA can then be hand-wound if necessary by the crown.


“The UR-105 TA is our URWERK Knight,” says Martin Frei, artistic director and co-founder of URWERK. “The bezel evokes the breastplate of a knight’s armor, protecting the mechanism from the ravages of time. The UR-105 TA is an haute horlogerie creation, with all high-end codes respected, but in the Black Orange or Black Lemon versions, it’s their zesty appeal that really arouses the senses.”

While the UR-105 TA is available in two “classical” versions – “All Black” in titanium and steel, and “RG” in titanium and red gold − and in a first for the brand, the UR-105 TA also comes in more vibrant hues.

“Black is one of the signatures of URWERK aesthetic. However, with the UR-105 TA we decided to push much further with color. While the black is still there, it no longer dominates; the vivid colors inspired by our SuperLuminova really announce their presence,” explains URWERK‘s chief designer Martin Frei.

The UR-105 TA “Black Orange” and the UR-105 TA “Black Lemon” are timepieces with a joyous attitude. Sand blasting and micro bead blasting are applied with the same care as with more classical timepieces. However, the addition of bright colors has these watches bursting into life, and infusing them with real energy.

Red Gold, All Black, Black Lemon or Black Orange, the UR-105 TA collection cannot help but please. To discover more timepieces, visit our Watches category.

UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-1 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-9 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-8 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-7 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-6 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-5 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-4 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-3 UR-105-TA-Urwerk-Knights-2

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