Teles Taxidi: you’ll never find as sensational for you living room as this levitating table

How a simple coffee table could be so fascinating, futuristic and almost surreal at the same time? How such a common object can turn into a true piece of art and technological wonder? And above all: how can Teles Taxidi table levitate up in the air? You won’t believe your eyes!

A journey to the future

We can affirm that Teles Taxidi table can fly! Well more precisely it levitates up to 5cm above its base. Siren Design Studios, who will surely draw all the attention for the next few years with such an impressive object, managed to accomplish this prowess.

At first sight, we can notice that Teles Taxidi table is a functional object, but also strong with different textures. With glossy finish and steel circles and bridges, it seems quite normal if not incredibly stylized. All with symmetry, the table is both masculine through its steel elements, but also feminine through its circles.

But if it looks like no other, it is because Teles Taxidi table can levitate above its base with a simple pressure on the top glass. After that, the table flexes, turns and then comes right back to its starting point.

Quite an idea!

If Teles Taxidi table can fly it is because of its complex system with Kevlar ropes and many pulleys. Thanks to them, you can put a glass of wine, a coffee cup or any other objects on it without ever knocking them down, whatever the movement of the base.

Teles Taxidi table levitation movement is achieved by two magnets using magnetic suspension to move away from the base, quite a simple process but still so futuristic! Here is how a simple glass table can become a true wonder.

Teles Taxidi table means “Perfect Journey” and it is truly what each owner can offer to his entourage with such an amazing table in his living room, but only if he’s ready to spend 30 000 dollars to buy it!

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