Zilli by skis Lacroix : ultimate luxury on the ski trails

On the occasion of February 2014 Sotchi Olympic games, Zilli brand presents a “Made in France” capsule collection specially made for winter sports.

A winter sport capsule collection

The family company from Lyon, which has initiated 40 years ago the chic sportswear trend in the masculine closet, makes an exclusive line in association with two great winter sport experts, “Degré 7” specialized in jackets and clothes production and « Skis Lacroix » in wooden skis manufacturing.

Zilli teamed up with « Degré 7 » to create an exclusive line of masculine closet composed of a black Gore Tex jacket lined with silk and equipped with a chinchilla cashmere collar, a black schoeller stretch ski pants, leather and Gore Tex gloves, silk and cashmere cap, sunglasses made in titanium and pure carbon and a helmet developed by Kask and branded Zilli.

State-of-the-art skis

To complete this fully-equipped masculine line, Zilli teamed up with the ski brand Lacroix to create a new model named « Zilli by skis Lacroix ». Located in France, in the Jura region, the brand Lacroix created by Léo Lacroix, has built its worldwide reputation thanks to its models’ performances.

Pioneer in high-tech ski, the model «Zilli by skis Lacroix» is carved in an ultimate material, a superimposition of titanium, carbon and kevlar decorated with the emblematic Tryptich monogram. Carefully engraved with gold on the black side of the skis, the hallmark is also in white on the resin side and decorate, as well, the matching ski poles.

The production of these skis can take up to 6 months and only 40 units will be available on order all over the world. These outstanding skis are only available in Paris, Courchevel and Sotchi in Russia and will approximatively cost 9 000 Euros. A little high-tech gem « Made in France »!

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