800 D3: Bower & Wilkins introduces its most powerful speaker ever designed at that day

Always searching for improvement and power, as well as a pure quality of sound with no defect, Bowers & Wilkins has revealed its B&W 800 D3 speaker, as their best speaker ever designed. And there are the reasons of its incredible price, because this speaker costs 30.000 euros!

Hours of work to reach such a level of perfection

Bowers & Wilkins worked hard and used most advanced technologies to create and improve each component of the B&W 800 D3. After 7 years of research, the sound level of this speaker has reached the top.

B&W 800 D3 is truly impressive with its proportions: two 25cm-high “Aerofoil” speakers and another made with carbon fibre, reducing sound distortions as well as resonances. It appears to be perfect for a recording studio, but could integrate perfectly to your interior, offering clarity and realism to audiophiles.

Compact, the B&W 800 D3 is an elegant high-end speaker, created for a private use and truly innovating.

Unique components

B&W 800 D3 reveals many improvements, beginning with its rigid Tweeter box. Integrated to the aluminium unit, it brings a precise rendering and a total immersion, all of that integrated to a thinner profile.

Then, rather than using Kevlar as the other models of the same type, B&W 800 D3 is built with a continuum membrane, a composite fabrication allow to avoid behavioural changes for a neutral result.

As we wrote earlier, B&W 800 D3 uses “Aerofoil” speakers, designed thanks to computer modelling, one of the most advanced process. They are made with foam with variable thickness, also extremely rigid, that adapts itself to the sound, creating an irreproachable result. Then, low-pitched sounds are more precise, more realistic and better controlled.

Then, the Matrix box shape in B&W 800 D3 is ideal. On the contrary to other products, the front face and the speaker’s sides are made with the same curve and maintained by an aluminium frame. Matrix structure’s panels are thicker, and the system is as robust as ever. As for the aluminium base, it weights almost 17kg and improve the speaker’s stability, lowering the centre of gravity and counteracting the turbine head’s weight.

As each speakers from the same Bowers and Wilkins innovating range, B&W 800 D3 is using diamond domes on the tweeters for unparalleled quality in terms of details and natural. Finally, the speaker reproduces a unique rigidity / lightness ratio for more transparency in high-pitched sounds. In other words, we can’t find any failure in this amazing product, that will easily find its place in your refined interior!

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