Christophe & Co. unveils Pininfarina designed smart bracelet Armill

Christophe & Co has created the most exclusive men’s jewellery bracelet in history. Whether it be the avant garde design, the immense engineering complexity, diamond and gold content, or the embedded technology, the Christophe & Co Armills represent a new paradigm in ultra-high end luxury.

 Christophe & Co’s goal ? To create ultimate wearable symbols of achievement !


While technology on wearables improved considerably, design improvements have taken a while to take off. Thus, Christophe & Co has taken things further and teamed up with the Italian design house Pininfarina to create an ultra-luxury smart bracelet named Armill.

Famous for designing Ferraris, Pininfarina’s design shows glimpses of influence from the automotive world.

The Christophe & Co Armill 18-carat gold cuffs are available in three different editions: Virtus priced at $75,000 (limited edition of 300), the rose gold and diamond-encrusted Orion priced at $93,000 (limited edition of 100), and the Apollo, which is adorned with 1,500 hand-set pavé diamonds priced at $149,000 (limited edition of 25).

To top it all off, Christophe & Co will also have special versions of the Christophe & Co Armill for various markets with some “local flavor.” One for the Middle East market is known as Salah Ad-Din’s sword and is a tribute to the fabled warrior and his legendary sword.

For the Chinese market, Christophe & Co chose a beautiful Long Dragon design representing this symbol of Royalty and Power that is the Dragon. For the Russian market, a portrayal of St. George as a soldier slaying the Dragon from the 11th century Georgian story.

Wearable Technology

In addition to the marvel of engineering found in the jewelry piece itself, Christophe & Co offers a cutting edge embedded hardware module as an option.

This module is fully upgradable as technology advances and employs ultra-low power NFC and Bluetooth communication technologies in conjunction with a ground breaking kinetic energy generation system to recharge the battery using the natural motion of the user’s arm. This allows for up to a year or longer between wireless charges.

The functions of the wearable technology module include a one button valet press which communicates through the user’s phone and Christophe & Co companion app to the personal assistant’s phone in order to alert them that their presence is requested.

Additionally, the secure module can be used in order to authenticate the user for entry into partner events and venues around the world. Future functions in development include integration with smart home, yacht, or vehicle, gesture recognition, and contactless payment.

Owning a Christophe & Co Armill represents membership in one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. This includes access to highly exclusive events and venues around the world. These benefits include invite-only high profile social events, access to member’s clubs, benefits at top restaurants, and sold out sporting events.

Finally, Christophe & Co Armill owners have access to a 24/7 global concierge service via their companion app. Customers can request just about anything at any time. This service is included at no charge for three years for Apollo owners, 2 years for Orion owners, and 1 year for Virtus owners.

Christophe & Co claims to currently be taking pre-orders for the planned initial run of 425 Christophe & Co Armill devices. That includes 300 limited edition Virtus models, 100 Orion models, and 25 Apollo models. Prices are $75,000, $93,000, and $149,000 respectively.

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