Pink Star, history’s most expensive jewel

Three years ago, Sotheby’s, a famous group of international fine art auction houses, has broken a record thanks to the Graff Pink, a diamond sold for over 34 Million Euros. On the 13th of last November, in Geneva it overtook its own record with a pink diamond, twice bigger than the Graff Pink, named the Pink Star.
The Pink Star was presented for the very first time in 2003 in Monaco under the name of Steinmetz Pink. In 2005-2006, it’s the Natural History Museum of London that won the privilege to exhibit this unique masterpiece. It comes within the exhibition of the 7th most important diamonds around the world in the Smithsonian Institute (Washington D.C) in 2007.

The Pink Star, one precious stone that breathes uniqueness

Composed of 59.6 carats, the Pink Star is a diamond belonging to the “fancy vivid pink” and “internally flawless” categories. It weights 11.92 grams, representing a price of 5 Million dollars per gram, that is to say one million per carat. The pink diamonds are classified in 5 different colors, according to intensity; “fancy vivid” is the highest color on this scale.
The exceptional diamond Pink Star was awarded for the price of 61.65 Million Euros in Geneva’s auctions, which makes it history’s most expensive precious stone. This fall sale of high-end jewelry is composed of 370 shares, including the fabulous Pink Star, which came with other jewels such as the Briolette Walska or even stones belonging to royalty and aristocratic families.

A sale reaching peaks

It is at the end of a five-minute intense auction that David Bennett, the president of the Sotheby jewelry’s division in Europe and Middle-East, has pulled down his hammer on behalf of the happy owner. Isaac Wolf, a New York’s lapidary, has christened it ‘Pink Dream’ to engrave it with his own mark. The auctions have started at 39 Million Euros and have, later, raised by one Million at each auction.
A day before the auction, an orange “vivid” diamond of 14.82 carats, one of the biggest of its category, was priced at 35.54 Million Dollars by Christie’.

Absolute treasure, the Pink Star is an extraordinary stone, pure beauty, the grace of a unique jewel.

pink star sothebys
pink star geneve
Diamond Pink Star
Pink Star
Pink Star - Sotheby's Geneva - Nov 13
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