Victoire de Castellane : her new collection “Cher Dior”, a blazing tribute to Christian Dior

Echoing the previous “Dear Dior” collection launched in 2012, Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior Joaillerie, writes a second and more intimate letter to Monsieur Dior.

A new declaration love to Dior style

Once more, Victoire de Castellane got inspired by a imaginative dialogue with the couturier Christian Dior and celebrates Dior fashion design, by reproducing the embroidery and lace style in her jewels and  of course, the key characteristics of Monsieur Dior’s creations : colour, boldness and feminity.

For both Monsieur Dior and Victoire de Castellane, colour has the power to show women in their best light, enhancing their beauty.

Following the path of Christian Dior, the creative director of Dior Joaillerie chooses stones in the desired colour, just as Christian Dior chose fabrics for his dresses. Moreover and once again, just like in the “Dear Dior” collection, the reverse sides of the pieces evoke the lace from dresses seen in fashion shows.

An explosive colourful signature

As Victoire de Castellane made colour her signature, it was not surprising that the “Cher Dior” collection continues with the theme of colour : bright orange spessartite garnets, deep blue sapphires, pastel pink diamonds.

This time, she played with uncommon colour combinations brought together in a surprisingly ethereal refinement, given the heft of the carats involved. She takes delight in experimenting with different shades and combining them into tints, graduations or multi-coloured variations.

The collection “Cher Dior” counts 21 pieces, all with an intimate spirit and subtle delicateness. The skilled working of  precious stones unveils a sophisticated chromatic palette, a perfect marriage between the sparkling brilliance of diamonds and the radiant shine of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and garnet.

Cher Dior” is a tetralogy comprising the “Exquise” rings and earrings, the “Etincelante” ring, “Majestueuse” jewels and “Fascinante” pieces. Each series has a motif with interpretations around a defining gemstone: diamond (white, yellow or pastel), pink sapphire, emerald or ruby and the back of each piece reproduces embroidered lacework emblematic of Maison Dior.

This meticulous craftsmanship is a tribute to the expertise of the applied arts artisans in Dior’s workshops. A subtle explosion of colour!

collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-2 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-3 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-4 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-5 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-6 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-7 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-8 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-9 collection-cher-dior-victoire-de-castellane-10

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