The Midual Type 1: French luxury

After its unveiling at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Midual, the french manufacturer of motorcycles, presented in Europe the Midual Type 1 at Salon Privé London, beginning of September.

Incredible design and performance

After thousands of hours of development, Midual unveiled its latest creation: the Midual Type 1, an extraordinary “French-style” luxury motorcycle.

With a completely innovative structural design, the Midual Type 1 features a 1000 cc flat-twin engine with transverse crankshaft and 25° angle, developed to produce torque at low engine speed with very little inertia, in order to enhance driving pleasure. Thanks to its low centre of gravity and longitudinal inertia, the motorcycle makes negotiating curves a delight.

A sculpted single-piece cast aluminium frame constitutes the Type 1 chassis. Several thousand hours were devoted to its design and development as this unique, exceptional piece is casted in a French aerospace foundry and hand-shaped after numerous intermediate operations.

Besides an outstanding conception, Midual devoted special attention to the finitions and to the details and above all to the machine’s instrument panel and analogue gauges, to all the leather trim, to the handlebar controls, to the side plates, and to the kickstand.

Each element is noble and refined and perfectly illustrates Midual‘s philosophy which aims at creating a “French-style” luxury motorcycle.


Designed to reflect its owner personality, the Midual Type 1 can be endlessly personalized. Choose between many different types of body finishing, from brushing and cap design to a polished/patina look.

More than 45 types of leather are offered standard and can be matched to 25 sand casting shades, which can be applied even to the engine parts.

To top it all off, each machine is marked with its creation date, number and owner’s name.

The Midual Type 1 will be sold at a starting price of €140,000 and 35 machines will be available for delivery in Europe in 2016.

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