Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing introduce world’s fastest road-going car: AM-RB 001

Put Aston Martin style and expertise and undisputable Red Bull Racing performances together and you will get close to future AM-RB 001, also the fastest road-going car ever imagined.

Expertise at all levels

Aston Martin is well-known for building most desirable, charismatic GT cars for a hundred years, so it was naturally for the house to associate its expertise with technologies and performance expert in Formula One who is always searching to improve speed: Red Bull Racing. Together, each house’s experts have worked on a unique model: AM-RB 001.

One thing is sure; future AM-RB 001 will be unique in many ways, more precisely in terms of shape and function. Add to this the fact that it is only built for road utilisation, but will also be the fastest road-going car on circuit, able to achieve incredible performances. Another version exclusively for road will also be commercialized.

In short, AM-RB 001 will be as beautiful, fast and comfortable as an Aston Martin GT, but with an aspect focused on performances.

Unprecedented supercar

AM-RB 001 is unique in many ways. First its lightweight carbon fibre structure and aerodynamics bring the car unprecedented transfer of downforce in a road-legal car.

Then AM-RB 001 breathtaking but still elegant look has never been seen before, being one step ahead in the future. Advanced dynamism and typical Aston Martin purity are also well-represented.

More details will be soon revealed about AM-RB 001 components, but we already know that it will be equipped with a new mid-mounted aspirated V12 engine. At high speeds, it will easily be manageable, especially with new suspensions system entirely developed by Red Bull Racing Technologies. Light and compact, AM-RB 001 will offer a maximum of comfort and space for drivers and passengers.

Last statement: Aston Martin AM-RB 001 will be produced in 2018 in a limited edition including between 99 and 150 models, plus 25 exclusive road cars. So you’ll have to be patient before seeing one of these supercar travelling around country roads.

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