New Continental GT Speed Black Edition: the fastest and most precise Bentley jewel

Bentley has just announced the orders debut for the new Continental GT Speed and Continental GT Speed Black Edition, now available in coupe or convertible versions. Mix Bentley’s craftsmanship with Bentley’s renowned elegance, and yet you will be far to imagine this new supercar.

The most muscled car ever imagined by Bentley

Continental GT Speed Black Edition has entirely improved its Continental 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine and pushed it to 642 ps. Now it can achieve a top-speed of 311km/h, and becomes the fastest Bentley ever.

Another prowess for Continental GT Speed Black Edition is to pass from 0 to 100km/h in only 4.1 seconds. This is the result of all Bentley craftsmanship and all Bentley’s professional, that worked for more than 12h30 on each W12 engine, carefully assembled by 30 craftsmen. Add to this a few hours and you will obtain the 110 hours that were necessary to built the absolutely unique Black Edition one.

The Black Edition model

Continental GT Speed Black Edition celebrates all Bentley Grand Tourer’s power and amazing depth. This new version, coupe or convertible, is entirely customizable depending on your will, always complimented by a sublime high gloss black finish.

Gloss Black finish on Continental GT Speed Black Edition doesn’t forget any details, from the window openings to lamp bezels. The 21“ All Black wheels perfectly cover the brake calipers, that can be choose in red or black finishes.

Then, the Continental GT Speed Black Edition features different shades among four different contrast colours applied on the front splitter, the side skirt and rear diffuser, including the brand new colour Cyber Yellow. These contrasts highlight the diamond quilting of the doors and Mulliner GT Design seats.

As a resume, Continental GT Speed Black Edition is a perfect mix between extremely powerful sport capacities and unparalleled style immediately recognizable as Bentley’s most elegant model.

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