Range Rover Long Wheelbase, a new edition for 2014

Faithful to its world reputation, blending power, sturdiness and elegance, Range Rover will carry on surprising thanks to this luxurious SUV, a long wheelbase edition. It is a turning point in the history making of this prestigious brand considering that it’s a first in over 20 years for the British firm.

Long Wheelbase 2014, space and comfort

Range Rover Long Wheelbase 2014 fulfills perfectly demanding clientele needs, the one who merges utility and comfort, becoming ultimately an alternative in the luxurious limousines.

Available with bench seats or individual Executive Class Back seats,the car provides back-seats that can bow by 17 degrees, 8 degrees more than the standard wheelbase model. The front passenger seat slides to offer ore space and comfort.
Car awnings mounted on the side doors, a series panoramic sunroof and optimized storage spaces afford an out of time convenience.
The Range Rover models with long serif will come with a distinctive an L shaped badge mounted on the outer ornaments behind every wheel.

Range Rover Long Wheelbase, high end SUV

The Range Rover Wheelbase, also known as Range Rover L will be presented on the 20th of November. The official release will take place in March, 2014. Later on, a hybrid version will be considered.
The Range Rover Long Wheelbase will be available in all sub-models: Vogue, Vogue SE and Autobiography, a high range positioning for this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The Range Rover Wheelbase 2014 describes flawlessly Range Rover’s infinite luxury; this jewel will target essentially China and the United states as main markets.

Range Rover 9
Range Rover 7
Range Rover 6
Range Rover 5
Range Rover 4
Range Rover 2
Range rover interior
Range rover white

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