Rezvani offers you something you’ve never seen before with the Beast Alpha, Chris Brown’s favourite car

If Rezvani managed to seduce the biggest celebs on the planet it is surely because it offers visually unique supercars, and a true perfection in terms of performance. For the American car builder, only the driver matters, and so does the driving experience.

Nothing equals the Beast Alpha

Are you dreaming of a supercar that looks like no other? Then you should have a look on the Rezvani Beast Alpha! Visually striking and technically powerful, this sport car will turn all the heads!

So Rezvani Beast Alpha will bring some serious thrills to its driver thanks to its 2.4L turbo engine 500HP Honda that allows the car to achieve 0 to 60mph in only 3.2 seconds, a little bit slower than a Porsche 911! And for the driver’s greatest pleasure, it is associated to a 6-speed manual transmission with an ultra-fast gearshift and a true driving experience in every aspect.

If you’re afraid of not being able to master the Rezvani Beast Alpha don’t worry, the brand has integrated to the car a new system that enables you to control all the vehicle’s information at a glance and then be aware of the best moment to shift and use the maximum of the engine’s power.

Visual elements unique in the world

The great asset of the Rezvani Beast Alpha stands in its unique look, both aggressive and detonating. To remind the Targa top style, an open top has been added to the supercar without interfering with the comfort in the cockpit. Ergonomically design seats have also been developed specially for the car, with the right amount of carbon fibre elements.

The same carbon fibre entirely composes the body of the Rezvani Beast Alpha, and more precisely a carbon fibre Construction used in Formula 1 and aerospace industry. Then the supercar can be proud of being one of the lightest sport cars in the world! The cherry on the cake is surely the LED technology that has been integrated to the Rezvani Beast Alpha, able to illuminate a maximum of the road for an ultra secured ride at night.

Finally the other beauties in the Rezvani Beast Alpha can be its incredible SideWinder doors. They delicately flow on the vehicle’s flanks, bringing unparalleled convenience and style. An asset that should catch all the eyes while the sound of the exhaust system can be heard for miles, turning all the heads on its ride.

Rezvani Beast Alpha is available from 200.000 dollars!

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Discover the Rezvani Beast Alpha

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