Audemars Piguet celebrates the Royal Oak’s 40th anniversary with the sparkling Frosted Gold

Here is 40 years now that the first Royal Oak feminine watch was created by the prestigious brand Audemars Piguet. So they created an exceptional version of the mythical watch in collaboration with Carolina Bucci: the Royal Oak Frosted Gold.

An ode to contemporary women

Royal Oak’s history has been marked by talented women, as sparkling as the Royal Oak Frosted Gold and beginning with Jaqueline Dimier, one of the rare figure of contemporary watchmaking. Since the first model designed in 1970, Royal Oak’s creative language has remained unique and is spirit is perfectly preserved, while adapting to modern time.

To create the Royal Oak Frosted Gold, Audemars Piguet has associated with a Florentine jewel maker, Carolina Bucci, who knew how to bring her know-how and unique technics, while preserving the spirit of the first Royal Oak, a watch that knew how to stay feminine but strong.

Then the Royal Oak Frosted Gold keeps harmonious proportions, as well as a slender silhouette, but it captivates the eye with its natural flicker that reminds precious stones. And this result has requested months of tireless work.

Gold versions and unique technic

Both of the Royal Oak Frosted Gold models are available in rose or white gold. Its finition and polished satin-like surfaces are dazzling, but what make it truly exceptional is the “Florentine technic” brought by Carolina Bucci.

It is this Florentine technic that gives the Royal Oak Frosted Gold its shining aspect. It consists in striking the gold with a special tool containing a diamond pick at the end of it, and this is the diamond that creates the little marks on the metal’s surface. That is how the watch can look like a precious stone or diamond dust.

Audemars Piguet had to adapt this process to the Royal Oak Frosted Gold’s case and bracelet, and keep its so sober and distinguished look.

Royal Oak Frosted Gold’s versions in white or rose gold are both available with a 37mm or 33mm case. The cases are representing 18 karats and so are their bracelets. They are built with anti-reflection sapphire glass and are water resistant up to 50m. The dial is available in silver or rhodium colour concerning the white gold watch. This one is enhanced by a “Grand Tapestry” pattern and the hour’s hands are in rose or white gold too. This 40 years old model is now so contemporary and won’t miss to please modern women!

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