Academy Christophe Colomb: Zenith reveals five unique pieces for Chiba’s fiftieth anniversary

Who between rare cigar amateurs or watch of exceptions collectors will be the fastest to rip off one of the five Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute to Cohiba, designed by the brand Zenith? To get you started, here are more details about these authentic pieces.

An exact replica of a tobacco leaf

The first particularity of Tribute to Cohiba is that the watch faithfully replicates a tobacco leaf, its texture and its touch with superb amber colour. True tribute to Cohiba to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, Zenith wanted this watch to be assembled with a gold dial entirely hand-engraved, representing Habano’s know-how.

Then, Tribute to Cohiba properly honours the most prestigious cigar brand in the world. Indeed the watch appears to be truly similar to the brand’s hand-rolled cigars with complex aromas, both powerful and delicate.

On Tribute to Cohiba you can notice the domed sapphire crystal, the gold-plated hands plus Zenith and Cohiba’s emblems, discretely encircling the impressive self-regulating Gravity Control module.

The Gravity Control module

Tribute to Cohiba is both unique by its appearance and its performance. Indeed, its movement is extremely precise, thanks to its regulating organ with high-frequency oscillations enabling tenth of a second time sequencing, and its gyroscopic “Gravity Control” module.

This one is able to neutralise the effects of gravity on Tribute to Cohiba and its 50-hours power reserve. It also has a case with water resistance of up to 30 metres and hand-wound El Primero 8804 calibre composed of 308 components (171 only for the gyroscope).

Then Tribute to Cohiba comes with a brown alligator strap with a rose gold triple folding clasp and is delivered in a sublime wooden box that can be reused as a true cigar box! How convenient!

Undoubtedly these five rare pieces will be a giant success!

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Discover Academy Christophe Colomb Tribute to Cohiba

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