Azimut Grande 35 Metri: a gigantic yacht that will undoubtedly impress you!

Maybe yachts passionate have had the honour to attend last Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous at Viareggio Marina, Italy. If not, we can affirm that the prestigious event’s biggest surprise came from Grande 35 Metri yacht built by Azimut and you’ll understand why…

Infinite entertainment possibilities

As its name indicates Grande 35 Metri is a 35m-long yacht what gave the idea to its designer Stefano Righini to create multiple relaxing and entertaining spaces through each deck.

Without ever-altering Grande 35 Metri’s incredible design, the designer has cleverly inserted two spacious beach clubs that can be supplemented by another terrace upon request. Absolutely wonderful! On the 30sq.m terraces you can particularly appreciate the numerous lounges and sunbeds until the fore stern as well as a Jacuzzi, perfect for you and all of your guests.

Grande 35 Metri also has the biggest balcony in its range and a significant innovation standing in its rotating diving platform that allows to fully enjoy the world’s most beautiful seas. Moreover, no space has been squandered for the garage because on this yacht, the garage is located at the hull’s side unlike its rivals.

Sophistication until the last cabin

Then with its impressive surface, Grande 35 Metri accommodates 5 elegant cabins for passengers as well as four crew cabins. Interior designer Achille Salvagni has taken great care of each detail, melting dark matte wood with Polish wood.

Here and there you can admire the remarkable decorative details on Grande 35 Metri, made with bronze and stainless steel that create a perfectly luxurious style without ever burden space.

Finally, Grande 35 Metri’s prowess is also incredible in terms of nautical miles because its powerful 2400hp MTU engines can achieve a cruising speed of 21kn and a top speed of 26kn. Then the luckiest ones will have the chance to see this 35m-carbon fibre yacht float with grace and agility. Moreover, this yacht was built to reduce vibrations and unwanted noises so it is surely the best vessel to travel serenely.

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Discover Azimut Grande 35 Metri

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